Version History

Latest updates

Android v2.0.8 (16-Aug-2017)

  • For Premium Users: View and Manage your media library including download and sharing.
  • Performance updates to media upload. Please send us feedback if you are still having upload issues.
  • Support for multi window for devices running Nougat update.

Windows 10 (PC & Phones)  v2.3.4 (20-Aug-2017)

  • Enhancements to reading mode with full screen image viewer.
  • Updates to post and comments filters, so they no longer disappear.
  • Improvements to media library selector.
  • Introduced in last release for devices with Windows 10 Anniversary Update, new app name “Studio for WP”.


v2.0.7 (27-Jul-2017)

  • New font color selection for text in the editor.
  • Changed the location of toolbar to bottom in the editor.
  • Support for multi window for devices running Nougat update

v2.0.6 (01-Jul-2017)

  • New! We have added a page for your logged in user profile. More admin settings comping soon.
  • Subscribe to our open beta program on the Play store.

v2.0.5 (10-Jun-2017)

  • No more login issues, we have found the bugs and squashed them.
  • Ever wanted to browse your blog or website’s media library? Now you can with our latest update.

v2.0.4 (03-Jun-2017)

  • Ever wanted to browse your blog or website’s media library? Now you can with our latest update.

v2.0.3 (01-May-2017)

  • We missed some love for our pages tab in the last update. Not to worry, you can now also delete pages if you wish to do so.
  • New! We have updated the Home screen for new users.

v2.0.2 (21-Apr-2017)

  • New! Filter blog posts and pages using the new Filter option
  • Any pesky errors during signup and two factor authentication are gone! We fixed those bugs.
  • New feature: tap and hold a blog post to enable the delete menu at the top of the page.


  • Fix to subscription detection and corrected app branding within the app.


  • Rebranding of app.
  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: Before sign-in, check connectivity to your self-hosted blog via jetpack.
  • Big performance boost and faster navigation between pages.
  • Other internal improvements, big fixes


  • New feature: Listen to discover posts.
  • New reading view and actions for discover posts.
  • Image viewer in reading view for reader, discover and blog posts.
  • Fixed crash on devices with Android KitKat and lower


  • Now avoid accidental loss of edits. We have added a new message prompt when going back from editor.
  • Fixed background color issues in tabbed view.


  • NEW Security Feature: Fingerprint and key code protection for blog post publishing.
  • Add new blog from accounts screen as well.
  • Improved settings and preferences screens


  • Improved sign-in experience
  • Some performance improvements.


  • New option to “Like” Discover posts


  • Performance improvements


  • Studio for WP (WordPress for Android) is one of a kind app for WordPress users on the Android Platform. This is a first release of the app on this platform.

Windows 10 (PC & Phones)

 v2.3.2 (01-Jul-2017)

  • New! User Profile page for the current logged in user. Additional admin settings to be added very soon.
  • Faster load times and bug fixes.

v2.3.0 (09-Jun-2017)

  • New Redesign with new look and feel. Get the new Acrylic fluent design for users with creators update.
  • New simple and updated way to set featured image and tag while editing posts.

v2.2.15.0 (01-May-2017)

  • New! We have updated the Home screen for new users.
  • Updated app’s name to “Studio for WP” within the app. Name in store will update in upcoming release.
  • The preferences page in settings used to get cut-off in horizontal view on phones. No longer! We have fixed this bug.

 v2.2.14.0 (Apr-2016)

  • New Security feature: Key code required for publish.
  • Updates to Reader posts with new header image.
  • Copy to clipboard option for all posts.
  • Transparency with blur to navigation bar.

 v2.2.10.0 (07-Nov-2016)

  • Redesigned Navigation menu.
  • NEW! Change font color when editing posts and pages. (more options coming)
  • Improved settings screen with new options.
  • Optimisation in stats for the Dark Theme.

 v2.2.8.0 (02-Oct-2016)

  • New Dark Theme. Please visit settings to enable the feature.
  • View featured image in discover post details.
  • Standardized font size and UX improvements on all screens.
  • Support for featured image when editing posts and pages.
  • Improved post review screen during publish.
  • New shadow and blur effect in discover section for devices with Windows 10 Anniversary update (v1607)

 v2.2.7.0 (15-Aug-2016)

  • New Save to Local feature for offline posts. (Available for new posts only)
  • You can now work offline if data has been loaded previously.
  • We are working to add data caching to reduce network usage.

v2.2.5.0 (28-Jun-2016)

  • Fixed a bug in loading reader posts and network status changes.
  • Fixed layout issues with continuum mode.

 v2.2.4.0 (11-Apr-2016)

  • Fixed a bug where new comments were not functional for all phones.
  • Fixed a UX styling bug in notifications.

v2.2.1.0 (09-Mar-2016)

  • New Icons in the pull out menu for easy navigation.
  • New layout for reader on larger screens.
  • Fixed a bug where discover posts were not visible.
  • Fixed a bug where on-screen navigation bars would overlap the screen.
  • Removed confusing visual feedback for read only lists in the stats page.

v2.2.0.0 (15-Feb-2016)

  • NEW: Discover section on home page
  • Photo and Video posts should work correctly.
  • Changes to visual feedback and network offline detection.
  • General fixes and improvements.
  • Changes to app icon and name for Windows 10 Store policy compliance.

v2.1.1.0 (21-Nov-2015) or v2.1.3.0 (10-Dec-2015)

  • Posts page will now include sticky posts.
  • Fixed a bug where editing a pages would not be published.
  • Changes to app icon and name for Windows Store policy compliance.

v2.1.0.0 (13-Nov-2015)

  • Support for Pages
  • Sort options on Posts
  • Faster loading of data
  • Improvements to look and feel
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect post would be updated.
  • Other fixes and improvements

v2.0.7.0 (31-Oct-2015)

  • New Sign in experience.
  • Improvements to startup performance
  • Other fixes and improvements


  • New app name applied to store as well.
  • Bug fix for app crash on startup and nav bar
  • Minor changes to stats UI


  • New app name “WordPress for Windows”.
  • All new Universal app for Phone, Tablet, PC and more.
  • New design for Windows 10.
  • Updated post editing features.

Windows Phone 8.1

v1.5.7.0 (25-Aug-2016)

  • Improvements to discover posts content.
  • Updates to post content display.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.

v1.5.5.0 (09-Mar-2016)

  • Fixed bugs where discover posts were not visible to users.
  • Fixed a bug for network issues with correct indicator.
  • Other improvements in visual feedback.

v1.5.5.0 (15-Feb-2016)

  • Changes to app icon and name for Windows 10 Store policy compliance.

v1.5.2.0 (21-Nov-2015) or v1.5.4.0 (10-Dec-2015)

  • Posts page will now include sticky posts.
  • Changes to app icon and name for Windows Store policy compliance.

v1.5.1.0 (13-Nov-2015)

  • Better data management
  • Support for Pages
  • General improvements


  • Reworked post editing screen with more editing options like hyperlink, alignment, indent etc.
  • Better image upload with multi-select option

Older versions (Windows Phone)

WHAT’S NEW (v1.4.2.0)
• Share and listen to your own blog posts.
• Open web links inside app (configurable)
• New stats: View most commented posts
• Bug Fix: Internal Media upload errors.
WHAT’S NEW (v1.4.1.1)
• Bug Fix for duplicate posts.
• Fix for scrolling issue in text mode for post editor.
• New option to follow blogs featured on freshly pressed.
• New option of hyperlink in post editor (text mode only)
• Sign-in page default for new users (can skip)
WHAT’S NEW (v1.4.0.1)
• Universal app platform. Windows app soon.
• New icon simplified icon
• New look and feel
• Background upload of multiple images with progress.
• Bug fix for comments not being published.
WHAT’S NEW (v1.3.12.0)
• Manage comments with options like spam and moderation
• New filter options for posts and comments screen.
WHAT’S NEW (v1.3.7.0)
• Stability fixes
• Improvements for image upload
WHAT’S NEW (v1.3.6.0)
• Stability fix for image upload
• Help for self hosted blogs
• Auto save post improvements
• Send developer info option from settings
WHAT’S NEW (v1.3.5.0)
• Transparent Tile
• Additional stats options
• Auto Save text posts
• Add Images from Media Library
• Pin New Post option to start screen
• Reduced header with status on posts
WHAT’S NEW (v1.3.4.0)
• Rate me prompt has “Do not show this again” checkbox
• Login screen preserves state for two factor authentication users
• New refresh option in blog for reloading posts and comments