App Update: Tags, Categories, Featured Image & more

This month we have a new update with lots of new features and improvements.

We now support editing of tags and categories via the post editor. Just click the arrow on the save draft button and see the new options


We would be adding post format, and other options soon.

Next up is the support for featured image. The latest update allows you to set or clear the post featured image.


.If that’s not all, we also added a preview just before you publish a post.


Other improvements include a blog icon/logo in blogs list, app crash fixes in notifications and image upload.

As always keep sharing your love for our WordPress apps. Please show some appreciation and provide feedback and reviews on the Google Play store and Windows store.
We are waiting to hear your feedback!

Please let your readers and other bloggers know about the apps.

Download app for Android and Windows.


App Updates: WordPress for Android and Windows

Its been a little more than two months since we published our Android app. Since then we have released more than 25 app updates, and continue to do so every now and then.

We would like to give a summary of new features that we have released on Android and Windows.


We have added new security feature  for protection of your blog and posts that you publish. We now require your fingerprint every time you try to publish a post.

If your device does not have a fingerprint scanner, not to worry. We also support key code as a backup option.

This feature is headed for Windows users very soon.

Editor Updates

Ever lost a blog post edits? Now avoid accidental loss of edits. We have added a new message prompt when going back from editor.


Reading View

Enhanced reading view with redesigned actions on discover posts. Now listen to posts, share them and view comments. Some of these features have been available to our Windows users for a while.


See example below

In addition to the actions, we have a floating like button as well. Let us know if you would like this button or want it to be moved to the actions. Sound off in comments!

Image viewer

We don’t just stop here for the reading view! We have also added a new image viewer for all posts in reader view. Navigate through all the images in the post at once with this new feature.


experience

We have updated the sign-in experience to match the Windows platform. As always we support both and self hosted blogs (*with JetPack). For help on sign-in please visit our Help section

Dark themed editor

We have added a dark themed editor for our Windows users. On Android the dark theme editor still needs some polish, although we do offer a less optimized version for now.

Unified Settings

We have worked to keep our settings page nearly identical for Windows and Android. Mange your connected blogs, purchases, preferences and more form the settings page. You can even connect with us directly, select Suggestions and feedback option.

Feedback and Ratings

As always keep sharing your love for our WordPress apps. Please show some appreciation and provide feedback and reviews on the Google Play store and Windows store.
We are waiting to hear your feedback!

Please let your readers and other bloggers know about the apps.

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Hello to WordPress for Android!

We welcome our new app “WordPress for Android” into the world.

screenshot_20161209-203905 screenshot_20161211-161214

Along with Windows, our app is also now available on the Android platform.

We would like to thank everyone who have been with us on the Windows app and like you all to share this exciting news to your friends and your website readers.

Our Android app currently has the most used features like

  • DISCOVER: Read a top posts selected by WordPress editors
  • READER: Get posts from blogs you follow.
  • BLOGS: Sign-in and Manage your blog from your phone, including posts, comments, themes.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Get all your latest notifications.
  • STATS: Weekly and monthly stats for your blogs.
  • EDITING: Get various rich text editing options including image and video uploads.

We would be adding more features to Android in coming updates! And rest assured that we will be continuing work on both platforms and we expect to see lost of updates soon on our Windows app as well.

Download the apps now!


New Version: WP for Windows is now live!

New improved Windows 10 version is now live! We now call our app “WP for Windows”

WHAT’S NEW (Windows 10 v2.2.0.0)
• NEW: Discover section on home page.
• Photo and Video posts should work correctly.
• Changes to visual feedback and network offline detection.
• General fixes and improvements.
• Changes to app icon and name for Windows 10 Store policy compliance.


WHAT’S NEW  (Windows Phone 8.1 v1.5.5.0)
• Changes to app icon and name for Windows 10 Store policy compliance.

We would share more details on our icon redesign and app name in coming posts.

Have your tried our new Windows 10 app?

WHAT’S NEW (v2.0.2.0)

• New app name “WordPress for Windows”. (App name in store will change later)

• All new Universal app for Phone, Tablet, PC and more.

• New design for Windows 10.

• Updated post editing features.

Let us know of any issues you face on Windows 10. We are available on FacebookWordPress blog, Twitter @nextappsteam and Email us via “Send Developer Info”

12049542_888887741197002_7262761564571598412_n WP4Phone_20150928000041_0

Download for Windows 10 (Phone and PC)

Download for Windows Phone 8.1 or older

New Update: Redesigned Universal app [v2.0.2.0]

We have now released a universal Windows 10 app for both PC and Phone.
The update is a complete redesign with familiar feel.


Now onwards, the app will be named WordPress for Windows.(Store will still show WordPress for Phone until next update)

Download for Windows 10 (Phone and PC) now available

Download for Windows Phone 8.1 or older

Let us know your feedback for the new update

via the new WordPress for Windows app.