Windows 10 Mobile: Login With Authorization code

Studio for WP app is available on multiple platforms including Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Android and Alexa enabled devices.

Earlier last week, we ran into a login issue with Windows 10 Mobile devices. Our investigation revealed that this issue is due to updated login pages at and causing crashes on Windows 10 Mobile devices, including from the browser. Since Microsoft is no longer updating Windows 10 devices except for security fixes, we do not expect a fix very soon.

Introducing login with Authorization code

For Windows 10 Mobile devices, we are enabling a feature called ‘Login with Authorization code‘. When adding a blog to your account, you will now be prompted to enter an authorization code instead of your regular sign-in process.

You can get the authorization code using any our app on any other platform or device. Supported devices include Windows 10 PC and Android devices.


How to get the authorization code

  • Login using the regular sign-in process on our ‘Studio for WP’ app on PC/Android device.
  • Head over to Settings and click Accounts.
  • Tap and hold the account you wish to get authorization code, and select ‘copy auth code’.
  • Authorization code is coped to clipboard, you may send it to your Windows 10 Mobile phone using any email, text, chat apps like WhatsApp or any other app.

To get latest features, we recommend using our Windows 10 PC and Android app. We may re-enable login using regular process on Windows 10 Mobile, if the login issue fixed either by WordPress or Microsoft.


Please get in touch with us for any issues with login on any of our apps.

As always keep sharing your love for our WordPress apps. Please show some appreciation and please provide your valuable feedback plus reviews on Google Play and Microsoft Store.  We are waiting to hear your feedback!

Download app for Android and Windows.

How to: Connecting to a self hosted blog Part 2

In this series of posts, we will help you connect your self hosted blog with our app.

In the previous post, we installed and activated Jetpack for your blog/website. In this post ,we will connect the blog/website to the app.

When you click sign-in or add blog from the blogs screen, you would see a screen similar to below.


Enter your details and click Log-in.


On Sign-in WordPress will authorise the credentials and show a list of blogs/websites. Any self hosted blogs connected with Jetpack will appear in this list as well.


Select the blog you would like to add and click Approve.



Again After authorisation, WordPress will redirect to the self hosted blog’s login page.

Please enter your self hosted blog’s username and password. Remember, this login is NOT of account.


After a successful sign-in, please wait till the authorisation tokens are validated.


Once validated, you would be able to see the connect blog/website on Blogs screen.





How to: Connecting to a self hosted blog Part 1

In this series of posts, we will help you connect your self hosted blog with our app.

Step 1: Install Jetpack


Enter your site address and click “Install jetpack Now” button.


You will see the following page on entering your website address. Wait till the redirection occurs.



The jetpack page will now open a installation page with-in your blog/website.

Click on the Install button in the bottom right corner.


Once installed, you would see a entry in the plugins list. Click on activate to enable the plugin.


Once activated, you should see a “Your Jetpack is almost ready” message.


You now need to connect JetPack with a account.

Step 2: Connect to account

Getting a account is free. Click here to create a free account.

Sign-in would ask for your account credentials. Login and authorise JetPack to use your account information.



Once approved, you would see a page similar to below. At this time your Jetpack setup is complete and you can now connect your blog/website to the app.


In the next post, we will now connect your blog/website in the app.