Windows 10 Mobile: Login With Authorization code

Studio for WP app is available on multiple platforms including Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Android and Alexa enabled devices.

Earlier last week, we ran into a login issue with Windows 10 Mobile devices. Our investigation revealed that this issue is due to updated login pages at and causing crashes on Windows 10 Mobile devices, including from the browser. Since Microsoft is no longer updating Windows 10 devices except for security fixes, we do not expect a fix very soon.

Introducing login with Authorization code

For Windows 10 Mobile devices, we are enabling a feature called ‘Login with Authorization code‘. When adding a blog to your account, you will now be prompted to enter an authorization code instead of your regular sign-in process.

You can get the authorization code using any our app on any other platform or device. Supported devices include Windows 10 PC and Android devices.


How to get the authorization code

  • Login using the regular sign-in process on our ‘Studio for WP’ app on PC/Android device.
  • Head over to Settings and click Accounts.
  • Tap and hold the account you wish to get authorization code, and select ‘copy auth code’.
  • Authorization code is coped to clipboard, you may send it to your Windows 10 Mobile phone using any email, text, chat apps like WhatsApp or any other app.

To get latest features, we recommend using our Windows 10 PC and Android app. We may re-enable login using regular process on Windows 10 Mobile, if the login issue fixed either by WordPress or Microsoft.


Please get in touch with us for any issues with login on any of our apps.

As always keep sharing your love for our WordPress apps. Please show some appreciation and please provide your valuable feedback plus reviews on Google Play and Microsoft Store.  We are waiting to hear your feedback!

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“Alexa, open Voice Press”

Hello, Hello! We are now available on Amazon Echo devices via the Alexa assistant. We are called ‘VoicePress’


Using Voice Press
Say “Alexa, open Voice Press”. To get your notifications, say “Alexa, Ask Voice Press for my notifications” or “How is my blog doing today” to get some stats.
We are very excited to bring you this functionality! This is a first release and expect more to come on Alexa.
If you are in the US, here is a direct link to Alexa skill on This skill is currently available in English for US, UK and India regions.

Screenshot (244)

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Style Update: Our apps are more cleaner and easy to use

Following our last set of updates in June, we have another major set of updates to both our Windows 10 and Android apps.

More significantly, we now support latest features available to the new Windows 10 Fall creators update from Microsoft. This should make our apps more faster, reliable and give you a great user experience.


All throughout the application, now get a new hover animation/highlight called “Reveal”.



All the tabs in the blogs module get a face-lift. The UX is more cleaner and easy to access.



No more the annoying blue menus! We have updated the menus to match the new design.



Ever stuck on sign-in page or forgot the login credentials or something else? Now you can easily skip he sign-in my using the new menu.


Simplified Theme in Android

In the picture above is the old design on the left and our new light and dark themes on right,

The improved look of our Android app with a simplified, clean and crisp light and dark themes.

Media Library and Themes

In our updates last month we also introduced some premium features for our Android customers like Media library management and Theme management.

Please do subscribe to our monthly/quarterly/yearly subscriptions on Google Play and access premium content on our Android app. Basic blog management always remain free on all platforms.

In Summary

The update is now available to all our customers. Just a recap that we have a new app name “Studio for WP” on all platforms.

As always keep sharing your love for our WordPress apps. Please show some appreciation and please provide your valuable feedback plus reviews on the Google Play store and Windows store.  We are waiting to hear your feedback!

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New Name, New App, Hello to Studio for WP

Hello again!

After a brief period of being away (story here) from the Google Play store, our Android App is back with a new name, new link and everything new!

Studio for WP is a fully featured native WordPress client for your all devices. Get all of WordPress and more. Start your FREE trial now.

Get it from Microsoft Get it on Google Play

New with the update is the open to beta testing via a opt-in link. The beta version will be updated more frequently and may have some rough edges here and there.


Everybody using our Android app so far, please download the new app “Studio for WP” from the links above. The old app is no longer available for new users and for existing users it will stop functioning sometime in May 2017.

We would be rebranding our Windows app soon… The link for the Windows app will remain same.

As always keep sharing your love for our apps for WordPress users. Please show some appreciation and provide feedback and reviews on the Google Play store and Windows store.
We are waiting to hear your feedback!

Please let your readers and other bloggers know about the apps.

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Notification: Our Android app not in Google Play store

Hello to all the Android users.

I have been personally developing the app for a few months in Android and since 2012 for Windows. 

I was notified by Google this month that our Android app has been removed from the Google Play store.

Automattic requested the removal as we use the name “WordPress” in the app title. This is not allowed. I am sorry about that if I had known earlier I would have not named my app this way.

I have offered to rename by app and remove the word “WordPress” from the app title. However, the concerned contact from Automattic has not responded to my proposed solution. Further, Google will not reinstate the app without a contact from Automattic.

I am trying to get the app reinstated in some manner. If this does not workout, I will try to create another app with a different branding.

Please bear with me for this time.


Shubhan Chemburkar

App developer 


Hello to WordPress for Android!

We welcome our new app “WordPress for Android” into the world.

screenshot_20161209-203905 screenshot_20161211-161214

Along with Windows, our app is also now available on the Android platform.

We would like to thank everyone who have been with us on the Windows app and like you all to share this exciting news to your friends and your website readers.

Our Android app currently has the most used features like

  • DISCOVER: Read a top posts selected by WordPress editors
  • READER: Get posts from blogs you follow.
  • BLOGS: Sign-in and Manage your blog from your phone, including posts, comments, themes.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Get all your latest notifications.
  • STATS: Weekly and monthly stats for your blogs.
  • EDITING: Get various rich text editing options including image and video uploads.

We would be adding more features to Android in coming updates! And rest assured that we will be continuing work on both platforms and we expect to see lost of updates soon on our Windows app as well.

Download the apps now!


App updates to come soon…

Hello All,

Its been a month since we started work on our Universal App template for our WordPress application.

This is a complete rewrite of the application in a new format. Majority of the features have been incorporated into the new version. There might be new bugs or even bugs carried over from the previous version. We will surely resolve those.

We chose the new format to enable us to unlock new features like background upload of images, better handling of data and much more.

If thing go smooth, an update should be available soon. Please note that you would most likely need to add your blog again to the app.

Here’s a preview of things to come:

Media library and upload selector


Reader View

Things will change till the final version.

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WordPress for Phone in the Top 5 Undiscovered Apps Created by DVLUP-ers

We would like to thank DVLUP for mentioning our app on your site. Its good to have our efforts recognized by the Windows Phone community. Here’s what they had to say:

WordPress for Phone

For many, WordPress is a blog platform of choice. If that’s the case for you, dear reader, then you need WordPress for Phone, an app that enables you to read “Freshly Pressed” posts, see your blog stats and even edit and publish a post on your phone.

Enabling us to manage a WordPress site is great, but one thing we love about this app is how you can explore and see what’s being written across other WordPress blogs. In fact, using WordPress Reader, you can read and stay up to date on those blogs you’ve subscribed to on

Congratulations! to all the other apps that got featured. See them all on DVLUP

WordPress for Phone Panoramic image
WordPress for Phone Panoramic image