Windows 10: New Design elements

This week we have made updates to our design elements for our Windows 10 app for PC and Mobile.

If you are having any issue in using our Windows 10 Mobile app, please read this post.


We have reduced the space taken up by the app header and extended the app layout into the title bar, providing more space for your data.



We have an extended toolbar for large screen devices on the editor page. This gives you quick access to more formatting features like featured images, tags & categories etc.

Unsaved edits

We will now remind you for any unsaved edits when you navigate away for back from the editor.

Quick commands

In link with a small header, all our action commands have been moved up into the top of the window. These now offer a consistent experience for commands and flyouts.


Here’s is quick look at before vs after for our blog posts page


Please get in touch with us for any issues with any of our apps.


As always keep sharing your love for our WordPress apps. Please show some appreciation and please provide your valuable feedback plus reviews on Google Play and Microsoft Store. We are waiting to hear your feedback!


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New Design: Latest updates to our Windows 10 app

Screenshot (176)

We have updated our design and user experience on Windows 10 devices. The updated design is live for all Windows 10 users who have Windows 10 Anniversary update (v1607) or later installed.

Users with the Windows 10 creators update, will also benefit from the new Fluent design recommended by Microsoft.

Lets go over all the new areas of the application.




All navigation is now performed via the hamburger menu in the top left corner. The menu is present on all screens and provides a quick way to change context.

Reading View

Reading View

The reading view has received a face lift with more emphasis on content and distraction free reading.



The sign-in process is now simple, easy and fast. New users will be welcomed with a new landing page with the Sign-in button front and center.



The blog management page has a simplified top level navigation. Further updates will follow.



The new editor improvements include a new place to edit Featured image, tags and categories.

In Summary

The update is now available to all our customers. The new app name “Studio for WP” will be gradually rolling out on Windows 10.

As always keep sharing your love for our WordPress apps. Please show some appreciation and provide feedback and reviews on the Google Play store and Windows store.  We are waiting to hear your feedback!

Download app for Android and Windows.