April Update: What’s New

This is a summary of all the things we updated in the month of April.


We have added a new option to choose the theme for the navigation menu. You can now have a light theme for the app and a dark theme for the navigation menu.

Screenshot (85).png

Screenshot (84).png

Additionally, you can turn off the Transparency effects if that’s your thing.

Screenshot (86).png

The new theme features  are currently rolling out for Windows 10 users only.

Tags, Categories and more

On Windows 10, The blog’s home page has been updated to feature some quick links to Tags, Categories, Users, Media library and more.

Screenshot (87).png

For Android Users, we have added a ‘More’ tab for the links to Media library, Tags & Categories and Users.


This is in addition to the Today Snapshot available earlier.


Tending is a new section added exclusively for Android users to catch a glimpse of what’s trending in WordPress world.

Send us your feedback on this new section. All suggestions and requests are welcome.


The updates are available to all our customers across Android and Windows 10.

As always keep sharing your love for our WordPress apps. Please show some appreciation and please provide your valuable feedback plus reviews on Google Play and Microsoft Store.  We are waiting to hear your feedback!

Download app for Android and Windows.

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