Updates: March Rollup

We have been working on a series of updates across all devices and below is the summary of everything that’s updated since our last post.

‘Blog’ first

For all logged-in users, the home page is now the blogs tab. This is the first step in providing increased focus on productivity.


Quick actions

We have added some quick actions to the blogs tab so that information is available quicker.


Improved Navigation

The Navigation pane has been improved with blog first approach. On PC, the navigation pane will now stay open for better usability. We plan to add a new user preference to turn off this feature, its that is your thing.

In addition, the user profile tab has a new position in the bottom area of the navigation pane for mobile users similar to the PC.


Faster load times

There was certainly some lag and delay in app startup. That has been improved and the app responds faster.

Windows Phone 8.1, is still here

We updated the package for Windows Phone 8.1 customers for technical reasons. There are no new features for that version in this release. Although not actively developed with new features, the app will remain available for these devices until supported by Microsoft.


The update is now available to all our customers.

As always keep sharing your love for our WordPress apps. Please show some appreciation and please provide your valuable feedback plus reviews on the Google Play and Microsoft Store.  We are waiting to hear your feedback!

Download app for Android and Windows.

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