Notification: Our Android app not in Google Play store

Hello to all the Android users.

I have been personally developing the app for a few months in Android and since 2012 for Windows. 

I was notified by Google this month that our Android app has been removed from the Google Play store.

Automattic requested the removal as we use the name “WordPress” in the app title. This is not allowed. I am sorry about that if I had known earlier I would have not named my app this way.

I have offered to rename by app and remove the word “WordPress” from the app title. However, the concerned contact from Automattic has not responded to my proposed solution. Further, Google will not reinstate the app without a contact from Automattic.

I am trying to get the app reinstated in some manner. If this does not workout, I will try to create another app with a different branding.

Please bear with me for this time.


Shubhan Chemburkar

App developer 


3 thoughts on “Notification: Our Android app not in Google Play store

  1. Oh! I was using the app for windows till now and its been awesome. I got a new android phone and was hoping to use the same in Android, but oh well…

    Hope you get a resolution for this soon.

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