Hello to WordPress for Android!

We welcome our new app “WordPress for Android” into the world.

screenshot_20161209-203905 screenshot_20161211-161214

Along with Windows, our app is also now available on the Android platform.

We would like to thank everyone who have been with us on the Windows app and like you all to share this exciting news to your friends and your website readers.

Our Android app currently has the most used features like

  • DISCOVER: Read a top posts selected by WordPress editors
  • READER: Get posts from blogs you follow.
  • BLOGS: Sign-in and Manage your blog from your phone, including posts, comments, themes.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Get all your latest notifications.
  • STATS: Weekly and monthly stats for your blogs.
  • EDITING: Get various rich text editing options including image and video uploads.

We would be adding more features to Android in coming updates! And rest assured that we will be continuing work on both platforms and we expect to see lost of updates soon on our Windows app as well.

Download the apps now!

Android: goo.gl/cvZNQd
Windows: goo.gl/oey4vO