How to: Connecting to a self hosted blog Part 2

In this series of posts, we will help you connect your self hosted blog with our app.

In the previous post, we installed and activated Jetpack for your blog/website. In this post ,we will connect the blog/website to the app.

When you click sign-in or add blog from the blogs screen, you would see a screen similar to below.


Enter your details and click Log-in.


On Sign-in WordPress will authorise the credentials and show a list of blogs/websites. Any self hosted blogs connected with Jetpack will appear in this list as well.


Select the blog you would like to add and click Approve.



Again After authorisation, WordPress will redirect to the self hosted blog’s login page.

Please enter your self hosted blog’s username and password. Remember, this login is NOT of account.


After a successful sign-in, please wait till the authorisation tokens are validated.


Once validated, you would be able to see the connect blog/website on Blogs screen.





2 thoughts on “How to: Connecting to a self hosted blog Part 2

  1. Hi there,
    I downloaded your app on my windows phone running windows 8.1.
    See there are two blogs attached to my WordPress account. But when I add the account, only the primary or first blog is showing and not a second one. How can I access the second blog? Any idea?

    1. Hi Shreyas,

      You should see a drop down to select your blog from the list.
      If it is not visible, check if you have access to both blogs on dashboard?

      Let us know.

      Apps team

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