How do you want future updates?

We have released new Universal apps. Now we have two app platforms for our app on Windows devices.

  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows 10 (PC and Mobile)

How do you want updates for both?  Do you want them to come together or let each platform update when required.

Let us know in our first ever poll question.

App Update available to fix login issues

We have fixed issues related to login faced by users on Windows 10 devices.

There are no other fixes as part of this update. So if you are the one affected by this issue, please update the app. For this fix, the version number remains the same.

The store app should provide the update automatically. Alternatively, you can visit the store to update the app.

Download Link:

New Update for Windows 10 v2.0.3.0

An important update to fix critical bugs has been released to the Windows 10 Store. The update is available for all Windows 10 devices and phones.

What’s New

  • Added Most commented posts in detailed stats
  • Updated navigation bar for small screen devices.
In addition to the updates, there are fixes for the following bugs:
  • App crash on clicking items in navigation bar
  • App crash on “Explore” screen.
  • Correct app link in share post.
The app will update automatically on most Windows 10 devices. For manual update, select “Downloads and updates” in menu within Store App.

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