New update Live

Update: We found a comments bug in our latest update. Users were not able to reply to comments in their blog.. The bug did not affect commenting on reader or freshly pressed. We have now updated the release to v1.4.0.1. Please check for app updates in the store app manually.

We just released our new update v1.4.0.0. Link

With this update, we have now upgraded to the Universal app platform. This will now allow us to add new and exciting features easily and quickly.

Support for multiple image upload in background comes along with this update.

Media selector with upload

Grab this update quick ! Link

Let us know your feedback on the update. As always send us any suggestion you may have.


Preview to the new version

We would like to give a quick preview of the new version of the app. Release is coming soon…

Here are some screens from the app.

Please give feedback on what you like and thing you wish to change.

-App Team