Self hosted blogs on WordPress for Phone

We support self hosted blogs on WordPress for Phone app.

If a site is a WordPress blog (self-hosted or using a domain) it should work. Try the steps below after choosing “Add new blog”:
  1. Enter your username/email for the blog you have access.
  2. Enter your password
  3. Click Sign In button
  4. On successful sign in, select the blog from the list OR
  5. Enter the sites URL in this case or
  6. Click Authorize.
If Authorized, you should see the blog added in the app.
Sign-in with your WordPress account Connect your blog to the app
If the process fails at Sign in (Step 3), it means that the authentication on the blog is not connected with the authentication on WordPress. The app authenticates you using standard WordPress API which does not know about your blog.
You may need to have Jetpack 1.9 installed on your self-hosted blog and a account that links to your self-hosted blog.
Here is a link to get started
FAQ for your reference.


Who’s behind Jetpack?

Jetpack is hand crafted by the fine folks at Automattic, makers of

Who should install Jetpack?
Anyone who’s hosting their own WordPress-powered site and wants to take advantage of the awesome features that Jetpack provides.

(Do you blog on Then you don’t need Jetpack! All this great stuff is already bundled into your site.)

What do I need to install Jetpack?
Only two things:
1. A self-hosted WordPress site running version 3.8 or later
2. A account

Jetpack installs just like any other plugin. Some hosting providers even auto-install Jetpack with WordPress, saving you the trouble.

Once you install Jetpack, you’ll be prompted to connect it to—since Jetpack’s features harness the power of the cloud, you need a way to link up with those resources. If you don’t have a account already, you’ll can create one during the connection process. Setup is an easy, 30-second process.

For more detail on Jetpack’s system requirements, check out our Jetpack Support page.

Is Jetpack Free?
Jetpack is and always will be free. Installation is free and doesn’t require you to enter any payment information. (Some individual Jetpack features may require payment in the future, but they’ll be the minority, and we’ll let you know about them well in advance.)

I already use a plugin that is now part of Jetpack, like Stats. Should I keep using it?
As we upgrade each of our individual plugins to be a part of Jetpack, we’ll prompt you to switch over to the new, Jetpack-powered version. Don’t worry about upgrading, we’ll automatically take care of carefully switching over all of your settings and options so that it’s the smoothest experience possible. Once you’ve installed Jetpack, you can remove the older versions of those plugins.

Is this related to Mozilla’s Jetpack project?
Mozilla Jetpack is a wonderful but entirely unrelated open source project run by Mozilla Labs, which, if you know HTML/CSS/JavaScript, makes it easier than ever to improve Firefox. Don’t worry; we checked with them beforehand to make sure our use of the Jetpack name wouldn’t step on any toes.

Download the latest version of Jetpack.

 If you face issues in connecting your blog, let us know